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Product Description

Fibalite is a light curing glass reinforced polyester (G.R.P.) material, manufactured in a sheet form comprising a matrix of polyester resin, E-type glass reinforcement, special inert fillers and photo-initiator, sandwiched between two thin nylon films. The upper film, which is impermeable for UV-light, stays during the application. Extra advantage is the very low emission of styrene and glass fiber particles during storage, transport and application.

Characteristics uncured

  • Will be delivered standard on a roll of 10m x 0,6 m x 1,5 mm (other dimensions can be discussed).

  • Is extremely soft and pliable in its uncured state. It can be cut or trimmed to any shape or dimension required and than shaped, wrapped, laid and bonded to any object or surface.

  • On exposure to UV radiation Fibalite begins to harden and cures with an hour. This processing technique is particularly safe from an environment viewpoint as the product will always be protected from the outside whilst curing, ensuring that no glass fiber particles can escape and the evaporation and emission of styrene is considerably reduced.

Characteristics cured

  • Is immensely strong, rot-proof and exceptionally durable material with excellent mechanical and heatresistant properties.

  • Impermeable to water.

  • Resistant to large number of acids, chemicals and solvents.


  • Is clean, safe and remarkably easy-to-use

  • Consistent quality guaranteed

  • Maintains its strength, weight and durability

  • Has superior resistance to UV-light

  • Creates minimal waste because even the smallest parts can be used


  • Protection of insulation on pipework

  • Protection / repair of underground and overhead lines

  • Protection / repair of field welds

  • Protection / repair of concrete gutters

  • Protection / repair of vessel tops, tank bottoms

  • Protection air / ground line: lampposts, road crossings, offshore windmills, etc.

Physical Properties Units Value Method
Tensile Strength MPa 87 ASTM D3039
Tensile Modulus Gpa 8 ASTM D3039
Elongation at break % 2.5% ASTM D3039
Flexural strength MPa 167 ASTM D790-03
Flexural modulus GPa 10.8 ASTM D790-03
Compressive Modulus Gpa 9.03 -
Interlaminar Shear MPa 17.1 ASTM D2344-00
Impact resistance (Izod) kJ/m² 60 BSEN ISO 180
Coeff. Of Friction - 0.34 SATRA TM 35:1994
Density g / m3 1.7 -
Hardness Barcol 61 ASTM D2583
Water absorption % 0.36 ASTM D570
Adhesion to steel MPa >10 ** ASTM D5179
Coeff. of thermal expansion x 10-5/°C 2.9 ASTM D696
Volume resistivity x 1014Ω.mm 5.9 IEC 93
Electrical resistance kV/mm 17.2 IEC 243-1 1998
Water Vapour Perm. gm/m²/hr/torr 0.001 * ASTM E96:2000
Styrene emission PPM 4 -
Max.Operating Temp. Deg.°C 90*** -
Heat Distortion Temp. Deg.°C >255 ASTM D648
Chemical resistance - Good Chemical. Res. List
  • Test conditions 38 +/- 2°C and 100% RH

  • With Fibagel primer

  • Advice from CMP Fibalite should be requested if operating temperatures are expected above 70°C to ensure that terminations are conservatively designed. It is our standard advice to use vinyl ester materials at terminations.

Notes :

The above mentioned information is for general guides only. For more specific information please contact our technical department.