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Product Description

A glass reinforced epoxy Novolac vinyl ester resin system, available in UV or peroxide curing systems. Fibagel UV LV is designed to assist in achieving good adhesion at terminations and as a touch up material on Fibalite joints. Fibagel UV LV can also be used as a filling putty material for corroded or badly pitted piping and damaged concrete. Where the depth of the crack that requires filling exceeds 5mm Cempgrade should be specified instead of Fibagel UV LV.


  • Natural (Opaque)

  • Delivered in cans of 2,5 kg

Physical Properties Units Value Method
Adhesion to steel MPa >10 ASTM D5179
Chemical resistance: - Good Chem. Res. Chart
Elongation at break % 2.5 ASTM D3039
Hardness Barcol 61 ASTM D2583
Max. operating temp. °C 90* -
Relative Density g / cm³ 1.6 / 1.9 Note LV/Std
Styrene emission PPM 4 -
Water Absorption % 0.36 ASTM D570

All data are average values as per standard test methods.

Advice from CMP Fibalite should be requested if operating temperatures are expected above 90°C to ensure that terminations are conservatively designed. It is our standard advice to use vinyl ester materials at terminations.

Coverage rate depending upon substrate is low for concrete and high for new steel.

  • Low viscosity: 3-5m²/kg

  • Standard viscosity 1-3m²/kg

Notes :

The above mentioned information is for general guides only. For more specific information please contact our technical department.