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Product Description

Corwrep VES is a visco elastic, high tack, self-healing, highly flexible, one single product material, which is suitable for the protection and rehabilitation of pipelines and girth welds.
Corwrep VES, a solid polyolefin coating in roll form, is also used for the protection of ground outlets and piping through embankments. Minimum required cleaning grade is a hand tool cleaned St2 surface (i.e. wire brush, sandpaper). Corwrep VES is a lining system which always requires a finishing layer. This finishing could be a Corwrep PVC or Corwrep FLS layer. CMP Fibalite also advises to use a primer layer to protect the substrate for further corrosion with the 2K coating Alucemp. Alucemp has a high corrosion ability due to rust inhibitors. This all together ends up in a full protection system.


  • High flexibility

  • High tack

  • Self-healing

  • Durable

  • Extreme high chemical resistance

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Continuous temperature load of -30°C to 70°C

  • Good adhesion to factory applied pipeline coatings like PE, PP and FBE

  • < 400 mm width → Corwrep VET

  • > 400 – 800 mm width → Corwrep VES


  • Manually de-rusted steel surfaces (St2)

  • Steel substrate of max. 90°C

  • Rehabilitation pipes

  • Girth weld protection

  • Ground outlets

  • Miscellaneous steel surfaces

  • Piping through embankments


  • No blasting required

  • High tack up to MPa

  • High flexibility

  • No curing time

Technical details :

Physical Properties Units Method
Adhesion to steel, 23℃ ≥5 N/cm (cohesive fracture) ASTM D1000
Chemical resistance:
70°C, 72 hours
No deterioration
No corrosion
30 % Sulfuric acid
10 % Nitric acid
20 % Fosforic acid
10 % Chloric acid
Density 1.5 ± 0.2 g/cm³ DIN53479
Dielectric Strength 20 kV/mm ASTM D 149
Drip resistance No dripping ISO 21809-3/A1
Electrical resistance ≥30 Kv/mm ASTM D149
Elongation at break ≥200 % ASTM D1000
Impact resistance ≥15 J (with outerwrap) ASTM G14
Interlaminar Shear ≥0.05 MPa EN12068
Max.Operating Temp. -30°C to 70°C -
Peel adhesion Cohesive fracture ASTM D1000
Tensile Strength ≥120 N/cm ASTM D638
Thickness 1.8 mm ± 0.2mm ISO 4593:1993(E)
Volume resistivity ≥1*1016 Ω.mm ASTM D257
Water absorption ≤0.02 % ASTM D570
Water Vapour Perm. 0.2 g/m2/day ASTM E96

Notes :

The above mentioned information is for general guides only and can be changed due to product modifications. For more specific information please contact our technical department.