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Product Description

CORWREP PVC is a UV-resistant, flexible lining, finished with a rubber adhesive resin. The lining is designed as a finish layer in the CORWREP VES or CORWREP VET (viscoelastic) anti corrosion lining system. The mechanical properties of the CORWREP PVC lining results into excellent protection of the anti corrosion lining, so pipelines from soil stress, back fill operations and other types of mechanical impacts. It is ideal to apply and protect pipelines; above ground, underground and submerged areas. The adhesive provides good adhesion to the other surfaces as well as to its own backing. The adhesive is protected before application by yellow foil. The CORWREP PVC has excellent resistance to impacts.


  • Cold application, no open fire

  • UV resistant

  • Flexible, good pliable

  • Excellent impact resistance

  • Easy to apply

Technical details :

Physical Properties Units Method
Application Temperature 30 °C to 80 °C ISO 9001
Dielectric strength 15 KV ASTM D 149
Elongation 400 % ASTM D 1000
Flame retardant properties Self-extinguishing ASTM D 1000
Max service temperature 85 °C ISO 9001
Peel adhesion layer to layer 7,5 N/cm ASTM D 1000
Peel adhesion to wrapping band 4 N/cm ASTM D 1000
Tensile strength 58 N/cm ASTM D 1000
Thermal aging resistance Excellent ASTM D 4587
Thickness 0,5 mm ± 0,05 mm ISO 4593
UV resistance Excellent ASTM D 4587
Water absorptivity 0,03 % ASTM D 570

Notes :

The above mentioned information is for general guidelines only and can be changed due to product modifications. For more specific information please contact our technical department.