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Product Description

These clamped pipe guide systems are designed in order to avoid welding and drilling to existing steel structures.

It replaces (in most cases) the traditional welded lift off restraint to limit lateral and vertical movement.

It is designed to guide both insulated pipes, supported with pipe shoes and uninsulated pipes.

The system is very fast in mounting. No power or compressed air supply is needed because a wrench is the only tool you need.

Allowable loads

  • The maximum allowable loads are given in the tables for each configuration.

  • The applicable safety factor >= 2 against slipping of the clamping system on the beam.

  • Tightening moment for clamping jaws are also stated in the tables.


  • The function of the clamped pipe guide is to prevent lateral and/or vertical excessive movement.

Constructive parameters

  • In order to select the right clamping system the width, thickness and design of the beam must be known.

  • The available clamping jaws cover the usual in trade profile to 95%. For the remaining cases tailor made solutions are to be studied.


  • Standard material for M12 clamping jaws is GS 52. Standard material for M16 clamping jaws is GS-20Mn5.

  • It distinguishes on the extensive steady strength properties for a large temperature range.

  • In the high temperature range until approximately 500°C low changes of strength property can be noticed. The temperatures of application, however, should not be beyond 350°C in regard of the corrosion protection (hot dipped galvanized).

Notes :

The above mentioned information is for general guides only and can be changed due to product modifications. For more specific information please contact our technical department.