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Product Description

Supplied in multiple packs of 500g units (minimum 12 x 500g). A two-pack, titanium-rich and solvent-free resin, curing to form an exceptionally hard and chemically inert compound, ideal for repairing, filling or building up metallic surfaces, including key ways, housings, shafts, rams.

Physical data

  • Base Component: Dark grey thick paste.

  • Activator Component: Light grey thick paste.

Technical details :

Physical Properties Units
Adhesion to metal 24N mm2
Chemical Resistance Excellent to acids (Sulphuric 10-50%, Nitric 10%, Hydrochloric 10%, Phosphoric 10-40%) and alkalis (Sodium Hydroxide 10-50%) and to other common chemicals (e.g. bleach 5%, ferric chloride). Also very good resistance to salts, petroleum, oils.
Curing time to Shore D 70 Hardness 4 hours at 20°C
Curing time to Shore D 89 Hardness 24 hours at 20°C
Density/SG 2.44
Hardness 89 shore D fully cured
Solid content 100 %
Storage life 3 years
Temperature limits 177°C
Working life 25 minutes at 20°C


  • Mixing ratio: 4:1, Base: Activator by volume. Ideally the full 500g unit should be mixed.

  • Stir contents of each tin thoroughly before mixing required amounts vigorously together, to produce an evenly coloured compound. Keep unwanted component resins separate until needed to ensure indefinite shelf life.

  • In cold weather conditions, the product may appear to have solidified. This is due to the crystallisation of resins. Heating on a radiator, in hot water etc, will bring product back to perfect condition. Allow to cool again before mixing.

Working method

  • Apply with a knife or spatula, within 30 minutes of mixing.

  • Machine, drill, tap or file, as with pure metal, once product has cured.

  • Ensure surfaces are clean and free of all loose contaminants, especially oil or grease.

  • On difficult surfaces (eg. aluminium, glass) score by scratching or drilling to increase surface area and improve key.

  • Use of All Purpose Cleaner is recommended for cleaning surfaces and utensils.

  • When repairing cracked metal (eg. engine block) limit extent of crack by drilling at each end. Drill out or “vee” out crack to increase volume to be filled.

  • If part of a surface being repaired should be kept free of resin, treat with Release Agent beforehand.

Notes :

The above mentioned information is for general guides only. For more specific information please contact our technical department.