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Product Description

Cempclean is a mild degreaser- and cleaner for porous and non-porous surfaces.

Used for

Especially for degreasing and cleaning of hard and smooth surfaces such as metals, aluminum, concrete, ceramics, stone, glass, hard plastics, PVC, acrylic and composite substrates, provided with or without paint systems.

  • As a pre-treatment agent for oily surfaces, where glue, sealant, coating and cement is to be applied, so that a grease-free surface is reached. This in order to obtain an excellent adhesion for the glue, sealant, coating and cement.

  • As a degreasing and cleaning agent, to defile traces of grease and mild surface to remove sealant joints, creating a clean sealant from esthetic- and technical standpoint (over coating).

  • Removing adhesive residue from stickers, tape, foil, and spacers.

  • Cleaning of tools.

  • Removing of oil, fat and grease.

  • Removing of rubber residues.

  • Removing of uncured glue, sealant, coating, PU foam, varnish and stain.


Application temperature between + 5°C and + 40°C.
Use the Cempclean with a clean cloth evenly on the surface. Then take another (lint-free) clean cloth and rub the Cempclean in one direction until the surface is completely dry, after which the coating, sealant adhesive can be applied. Extracts heat from substrate by evaporation, so that it cools. This allows condensation on the treated surface occur. Recommended is to wait about 15 minutes and then apply the CMP Fibalite coating, sealant or adhesive. After use tightly shut and store away from children safe.

Technical details :

Physical Properties Units
Base Nafta
Density 0,85 g/ml
Drying time 10 minutes
Flash point -14°C
Application temperature +5 / +40°C
Shelf life between +5°C and 25°C 24 months
Packaging Per litre (dm³)
Storage life 3 years
Colour Colourless


  • Improved considerably the adhesion of sealants, adhesives, paints and lacquer systems.

  • Degreasing and cleaning non-porous surfaces thoroughly.

  • Quick and effective operation.

  • Easy to apply and rub off.

  • Odor arm.

  • Highly evaporating and flammable.

  • It does not left marks or residue on the treated surface.

  • UN approved packaging.


The information is the result of our tests and experience and is general in nature. However, they imply any liability. It is the responsibility of the user by his own tests to determine whether the product is suitable for the application.


CMP Fibalite BV warrants that the product is in conformity with the specifications, within its shelf life. The liability shall never exceed the stipulations in our terms and conditions. In no case is seller liable for any consequential damages.


In unopened original container, store cool and dry at a storage temperature of + 5°C to + 25°C, shelf life to 24 months after production date. Frost resistant to -15°C during transport.
General safety: Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. If material gets into the eyes, rinse them with water and consult a doctor. A product safety data sheet is available on request.


Limited suitable for acrylic surfaces.

Notes :

The above mentioned information is for general guides only. All mentioned data above is based on 20°C ambient temperature, 101325 Pa ambient pressure and relative humidity of max. 85%. For more specific information please contact our technical department.